I'm the professional artist for amariah Design. I've always had a thing for creating art when I was young. At first I started out drawing flowers, trees, and dinosaurs. I would also create board games out of paper/card board/poster board. And use the family printer to print out game pieces which I would have laminated. I grew up with experiences knowing God lives and loves me, you, everyone. I would also day dream a lot. I mean a lot. I have always had a super active imagination. I could, and would, spend hours entertaining myself going on science fiction adventures.

One summer in between elementary school classes my parents enrolled me in an art class. After high school I paid for some lessons from an artist who designed sets and graphics for Hollywood. She taught several students at a time. I learned how to really use Adobe Photoshop from her. She also taught us to stay away from Hollywood. She told us Hollywood/movie producers/directors pay actors and artists in drugs and she encouraged us to stay away from those dangerous vices. That explains why movies have continued to devolve into the mindless dribble that passes for entertainment/art today. 

When I went to college I lived with my grandparents. My grandmother told me I was spending too much time on the computer and she sat me down on the couch next to her and we watched old black and white movies. That became our evenings when I was at her house. I learned what real entertainment is. Back in those days, when my grandmother was my age, the actors actually had to act. There were no special effects or computer generated images. It was during this time I watched The Haunting, the 1963 original. I didn't want to go to sleep afterwards as I was too scared. I was in my early twenties! After seeing that real movie all the horror movies belonging to my "modern" generation are silly fluff and just lame. I've seen The Ring and I agree it's a good horror movie but The Haunting(1963) is the best in my opinion. It's the best because that was the only movie I've seen that actually caused me to taste fear. It's paralyzing, horrific, and dreadful. I know what those words mean now. I had real anxiety watching that old black and white movie. It was all because of the acting. And there was no blood, sex, foul language, or subverting the audiences expectation's.

In 2014 I began wanting to create symmetrical art. I didn't want to pay lots of money to a company to create art using their tools so I went about planning and programming my own. I drew up what the screens and user interfaces would look like and then went to work. I would spend fourteen hours a day programming this software. This was during Christmas break 2014. Sleep was annoying. Taking bathroom breaks and eating was annoying. It took a while. In 2016 it began resembling what it is now. My graphic design software is called "amariah". It's Hebrew and means "Promised by God." 

amariah is compiled in C++ and allows me create a symmetrical object by just drawing a fourth of it. I also programmed a layer system among other features. One feature I'm proud of is amariah uses what I call a "virtual canvas." The app uses the computer's GPU memory not system RAM. I was able to take advantage of that in a way I thought was clever but I didn't learn till later it created a memory leak. I could set the canvas size to a low resolution, 640x480 was the lowest resolution I tested it on, and create an image and save it in png format. The resulting image would be squared, because I was working with the GPU memory, and for example a 1024x1024 image would be saved to the hard drive with no pixilation. It was as if the image had originally been created on a 1024x1024 pixel canvas. 

This was the first doodle I created with amariah.

When I was younger I didn't say I was good at art! I said I liked to draw flowers, trees, and dinosaurs. So as I drew and practiced drawing more and more with my app a few years later my leaves turned into this...

I planned on releasing my app BUT being it was my first major project in C++ I did on my own and the fact I had forced it to behave in an usual way I decided against releasing it.

GPU memory is volatile. You're not supposed to store information in it as it can be randomly wiped clean or replaced by something else, usually textures or whatever is displaying on your computer screen. Because C++ is really powerful I coded a way around that... even though you're not supposed too! I still use amariah to create art. It takes up a few megabytes of hard disk space and being that I'm the programmer I was able to add graphic design tools I wanted. I'm not dependent on what another company releases. I use amariah instead of Adobe products to this day. I'm not saying Adobe products are bad. I like my app better.

Here are some other images I created with amariah within the first year of creating with it.

Why did I create amariah the way I did? I have an eye disease. I'm practically blind in one eye and my other eye is not 20/20 vision. A medical professional told me I may, MAY, one day go completely blind. I'm also a little color blind. I created amariah to help me bring my imagination to life.

I created amariah's logo/app icon using amariah.

Here is the amariah Design store/brand logo I created

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